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Is Boeing A Good Stock To Buy Now? Boeing (BA) Stock Analysis - BACK TO $90!

30 Jun 2020

In this video, I will be deciding is Boeing a good stock to buy now and will be giving my own Boeing (BA) stock analysis using technical and fundamental analysis to determine if it's headed back to $90.


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Boeing (BA) has had a very tough year so far due to the ongoing worldwide illness which had caused a massive decline in sales and profits for the company. Last year was definitely not good as they saw a loss of over $600 million dollars and their liabilities have surpassed their assets significantly! This is one of the key signs of a financially unhealthy/unstable company and normally leads to bankruptcy. However some believe Boeing has become too big to fail and if they were to go bankrupt the government would bail them out as they rely on the company's products greatly.

Additionally, Boeing has been around for a very long time and has close ties to the government and other institutions with lots of money to support them. In my opinion, I think this is a very possible scenario but hopefully, it does not come to this. The stock reached a low of about $85 a share in March and is now sitting at about $135 per share...

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In this video I discuss:

*I am by no means providing financial advice in this video or any of my videos. I am however sharing my experiences and knowledge on a number of online business and financial topics*

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